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October - 21 - 2015

Imagine just about any TV show, movie or video game you’ve ever seen where at least one scene was set in a casino. You don’t even need to name specific episode or scene itself. Why? Because we’re willing to bet the jackpot we can tell you exactly what you’re seeing:

A grand, majestic, modern palace of a building, brightly lit from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, with at least 80% of the floor space occupied by games at play, where the sounds of some largely-ignored jazz band mingle amongst the chatter of the crowd with the relentless clitter-clatter of the Roulette wheel, and where a seemingly mindless army of identical, overweight holiday makers pour a never-ending stream of pennies into the slot machines.

Close your eyes. You can see it, can’t you? Much as you can see white, sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees if we say “tropical island,” or two huge, juggernaut-like men smashing the hell out of each other if we said “boxing match.”

Hustlers hustling

Take it a little further, and we’re even willing to bet you can see those beautiful women in their glamorous evening gowns, shimmying up to the bar in the hopes that some suave gentleman would buy them a drink and, well, we’re all adults here, you know how that goes.

You can probably see the hustlers and the players and the occasional dealer not too averse to accepting the occasional back-hand.

And therein lies the problem. If you can see it, the casino industry as a whole can see it too, and they don’t like it.

Over the last few years, casinos and their regulatory bodies have done much to clean up their image, spurred on for the most part by frequently changing gambling laws which insist they have to, though also by a shift towards a society where most honest customers value morally ethical companies and brands than those with a seedy past.


It started of course with those aforementioned regulatory bodies. Heeding the warning from global governments that if they didn’t take better care of regulating themselves, the industry would have to succumb to the politicians, the casino industry has been slowly but surely cleaning up its act.

Then came the advancement of the web, and the surge in popularity of virtual casino platforms, the success of which even the industry’s most astute minds probably couldn’t have predicted. Indeed, instead of rows and rows of tourists at the slots and hustlers hustling at the tables, you’re far more likely to find most casino fans these spinning the roulette online or indulging in the kind of virtual video slot machines that their physical counterparts just can’t compete with.

The times, they are a’changin’

And then of course, there’s society itself. You only have to look around at all the so-called “good news” sites on the web to find that we live in different times these days, surrounded by people who prefer their brands to display at least a degree of ethical standards and practices.

Quite how long it will be before blockbuster movies and TV shows begin to reflect this change however, remains a bet we’re nowhere near ready to take just now.

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