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April - 10 - 2017

With the world of technology we live in today, it’s not surprise that we can find our favorite games available anywhere and everywhere. A trend that start back when the first few smartphones came out, mobile casino apps gained more traction in the mid-late 2000’s when more people started using apps. Now, you can find a huge number of free casino apps for every device.

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What Casino Games Can Be Played on Your Mobile?

What started as primarily slots apps has turned into the full casino experience. You can play pretty much any casino game that you’d find in a physical or online casino. Apps make the games interesting and interactive, and it really draws you in to keep playing again, once you find your favorite game.

Is Mobile Casino Gaming Safe?

The question of security pops up more often than not in conversations about online or mobile casino games. When you’re playing with real money, is your bank account information and the money in your casino account safe from hackers and thieves?

App security is a huge priority these days, especially for apps dealing with real money. Legit companies spend big to make sure you don’t lose trust in their ability to handle your money! Some apps aren’t as legit as others, and those may not be as secure either. Pay attention to who you’re signing up with on your mobile as you select a good Blackjack app. Visit to play the best blackjack apps for your smartphone!

Strategies for Blackjack Apps

The same strategies that work in physical or online Blackjack will work just as well in mobile gaming. Remember to pay close attention to what’s going on in the game and how you should respond to the various hands.

Cut your losses by knowing when to forfeit the match and when you have a shot at winning. You’ll have the choice to stand or hit in any match, and you’ll want to use those options wisely based on what you can see and what you know about the deck. Try as much as possible to even out the odds, that way the dealer won’t have an edge over you.

You’ll want to know exactly what the rules are before you start playing any round. Even if you’re familiar with Blackjack, there are a few different sets of rules that will change things up and make it better or worse for you. Know which rules give you the best advantage and play by that set whenever possible.

Rules Used to Play Blackjack on Your Smartphone

The various rule sets include:

  • European
  • Single Deck
  • Multi-hand
  • Hi-Lo
  • Bonus

Get familiar with what’s available on your favorite app, and learn the best strategies for that rule set!


Blackjack is a great game to play on your mobile device, since it doesn’t take long and you have a better chance of winning some real cash from it. Mobile casino gaming is a good way to kill time and enjoy yourself while still keeping the stakes high.

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