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October - 10 - 2015

How would you feel if you were told that you can earn real money by playing in any of the free online slot machine sites? There is no doubt that you would feel that someone is playing a prank on you and this is not at all possible. But, this is not false and there are ways that you can try out to win real money when you are applying in online slots without spending a single penny. There are a lot of new slot machine gaming enthusiasts who have tried the free options and also won good money playing for free. If this attracts you and you want to know more about how it is possible, you got to read on.

No Deposit Offers By Casinos

One of the easiest ways to win real cash while applying in free online casino sites is to check out the no deposit offers that are announced by certain online casinos. These casinos will allow you to play your favorite slot games online with any deposit. If you win, you will also get money deposited in your account and it is normally in the range of $5 to a maximum of $50. The payouts for the no deposit bonus offers will be lower than when you play with real money. Try out some of the games offered on Dobra Mine and you can win even bigger if you are lucky.

Free Time Bonus

A popular method to earn real money when playing in free casinos is the free time bonus. These bonuses are normally offered to new registered members of online slot machine game sites like Dobra Mine. As a new member, you get a chance to play the slot game of your choice for a stipulated amount of time and if lucky you can walk away with lots of free money. A portion of your winnings can be kept by you over the initial bonus. There is a big catch in this offer and you will have to make a deposit claim to get access to your winnings.

Free Slot Tournaments

In a bid to encourage more and more new players to join online slot sites, many of the website operators offer attractive free slot tournaments that will give you an option to play in online stores for free and also win real money.

  • You will have to play in a tournament format in order to win through this offer.
  • You will get a fixed amount of time as well as a set amount of spins in the free tournaments.
  • Even though this is a free slot tournament, you get enough spins to boost your chances of winning handsomely.


The methods that have been mentioned in this article are some of the ways to win some real money without spending any money from your pockets. All depends on your luck and if lucky, you have chances of winning big money.

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